Bio-digester and biogas tank and systems

We are the leader in designing and installation of high quality and efficient bio-digester systems in Kenya and East Africa. Our team is made up sanitation and construction experts who are ready to provide you with a lifetime solution to you sanitation challenge.

Bio-digesters technology has become   a real game changer in Kenyan and many other countries around the world where people no longer depend on exhaust services and the ageing sewer systems. With a biodigester system, you do not need to spend a fortune on building a septic tank or emptying it.

Our biodigester systems are based on international standards, and last for the lifetime. We install different systems to cater different users from small homes to huge community apartments, institutions, malls, hotels, hospitals, industries, and many other more building types.
What is biodigester System

A Biodigester simply means an installed container/tank which digests organic material biologically. The concept of a biodigester technology is basically aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of organic wastes into water and gases. Biodigester systems work by taking advantage of aerobic and anaerobic processes through a closed system. Anaerobic process is done by promoting introduced microbes to perform their biological functions of breaking down organic waste by providing them an oxygen-free space in which to do it, that is underwater. Aerobic process on the other hand work on organic matter floating on the surface of the water in the tank.

Diagrammatic representation of Biodigester System

Biodigester system is a combination of designed structures, piping, microbes and processes for speeding up the decomposition of organic materials into environmentally-friendly by-products. A tank allows microbes to completely break down human wastes into environmentally-friendly by-products such as mineral-rich water, methane, carbon dioxide and other gases.

All anaerobic bio-digestion systems adhere to the same basic principles whether the feedstock is food waste, animal manures or wastewater sludge.  Although the process is the same, designs will vary from digester to digester. Biodigesters vary in types, sizes and their uses.

Our Biodigester System options for installation are the best in the market compounded by expertise and experience. Our Biodigesters provide superb solutions for managing human wastes.

Biodigester Installation Projects

We undertake Biodigester System installation under strict timelines and quality to enable our clients benefit from it.

We have undertaken several projects in different parts of Kenya and Eastern Africa with demonstrated competence, quality and value for money.

We urge our clients not to take chances, but rather to work with our experts for assurance of quality of work. Remember, you need a lifetime system, do not take chances.

It is ESSENTIAL that the people who install Biodigesters fully understand the properties of the tanks, the venting and piping system and how to install it correctly. If one doesn't know how material behaves when subjected to underground pressures and decomposition, then DO NOT attempt the installation!

Our Biodigester System experts are passionate about you achieving a superb standard which cannot be attained unless the plant is installed by properly trained installers. We want your system to work beyond your expectations.
Better work with experts and be grateful forever!

Biodigester Tank

It is composed of inlet and outlet pipes, inlet and outlet baffles, inspection vents, microbes and water. Designs and installations as well as quality of biodigesters varies greatly depending on installers, materials used and uses.

However, each and every component of biodigester tank installed by Biodigester System Experts has been researched, tested and validated. Our clients are offered the best services when it comes to expertise in installations, choice of materials and irrigation systems.

Below is a simple model of how biodigester system looks like. 

Diagrammatic representation of Biodigester System

Grease Trap

A grease trap (also known as grease interceptor is a plumbing device (a type of trap) designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter into wastewater disposal system. Kitchens produce waste grease which is present in the drain lines from sinks and dishwashers. If not removed, the grease can clump and cause blockage and back-up in the sewer lines and biodigesters.

Grease traps work on the basis that animal fats and vegetable oils (grease) are less dense than water and that grease won’t mix with water. Thus, fats and oils float on top of water.
We install the best grease traps to offer you the best service.

The design of our Biodigester Systems offer the best service. The choice of soakpit hardcore, shape and overall finish is generally the best.

Piping System

Adequate piping system ensures that biodigester system work properly as designed. The choice and installation of piping is very critical. We offer excellent plumbing system for your Biodigester.

Only work with the experts.
Irrigation system

We take into account that Biodigesters work on the principle of displacement, that is, volume of water entering the biodigester tank is equal to water leaving it. We make sure that water already paid by consumers under normal bills will not go to waste by reused to beautify the flower and grass lawns without incurring another cost of water bills.  Biodigesters play a pivotal role in integrating gardening by reducing health risks, facilitating control of pollution and at the same time adding value to garden. Soak ways or irrigation systems when correctly installed, can be used to irrigate flower and grass lawns in the compound. There are few rules as to what can be planted, but soak ways vary. Soak ways are a series of relatively shallow underground perforated pipes laid in gravel trenches that allow mineral-rich water to irrigate a garden.

The answer to soak away gardening is to find plants that will meet your landscape needs but also not clog the drain pipes. In general, shallow-rooted herbaceous plants that are not water-loving are the best.

Our Biodigester System Experts will definitely offer the best service in regards to soak away gardening.   


Human waste disposal in innocuous form is an ever growing problem leading to aesthetic nuisance, threat of organic pollution and several infectious diseases in epidemic proportions due to contamination of ground water and drinking water resources in highly populated and developing countries. Untreated waste is responsible for several diseases like, dysentery, diarrhoea, amoebiasis, viral hepatitis, cholera, typhoid etc. taking the life of lakhs of children annually.

Biodigester technology has been developed for resolving the problems of un-decomposed human waste. The innovation degrades and converts the human waste into usable water and gasses in an eco-friendly manner. The generated gas can be utilized for energy/ cooking and water for irrigation purposes.

The process involves the bacteria which feed upon the faecal matter inside the tank, through both aerobic and anaerobic process which finally degrades the matter and releases methane gas that can be used for cooking, along with the treated water. General benefits of biodigester include the following:
  1. Socio-economic benefits: affordability, acceptability, durability
  2. Health and safety benefits: no risk to children, no foul smell that attracts contaminating flies, no scene nuisance absent,
  3. Environmental: clean environment, beautiful scenery of continuously irrigated fields
  4. Faecal matter is not visible
  5. No bad smell in toilets from the tanks
  6. Faecal matter in the tank not visible
  7. No infestation of cockroaches & flies
  8. No clogging of digester
  9. Effluent is free from off odour and solid waste
  10. Reduction in pathogens by 100%
  11. Reduction in organic matter by 100%
  12. No maintenance required
  13. No requirement of adding bacteria/ enzyme
  14. No need of removal of solid waste